Bubbles Bailey Soap & Stuff

Satisfied Clients

 Crystal Mint soap makes the creamiest lather and feels great on the skin, invigorating, smells good too.

Kat’s Meowk & Honey soap is so sweet – just love the delicate scent and warm/earthy clean feel it generates.

Tea 2 soap with herbal/plant flecks also makes a creamy, moisturizing, exfoliating lather.

 Lavender Lovely soap is amazing – and I’m using it on my face.  A great moisturizer, lightweight, calming and soothing.

 I’ve been using your lovely soaps exclusively the last few weeks.  My overall impression is that they are wonderful!  Very gentle, nicely scented, good lather, and moisturizing.  WOW those yummie natural ingredients really make a difference.  My face thanks you…and so does all the rest of me! 

 The Soothe & Heal Lip Elixir (from the Breathe! Cold Relief Kit) is better than Burt’s Bees

Your Soothe & Heal is great!  I have eczema on my thumb…and I used it there…It’s better than the other store bought branded products that I have used….  Thanks