Bubbles Bailey Soap & Stuff


Luxury Bar Soap


 Luxury Bar Soap~Blended with gracious amounts

of olive oil and castor oil, this soap will not dry your skin and

may be used to cleanse from head to toe. Yes! that means your hair too!

The thick, creamy, emollient lather also makes it perfect for shaving! 

 Bubbles Bailey soaps are 100% vegan and arehypo~allergenic,

non~comedogenic (does not clog pores, exacerbate or contribute

to acne), and are biodegradable. 

  They contains no detergents, no surfactants, no sulfates, no

chemicals, no sugar solutions, no alcohol solutions, no SLS or

SLES (sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate~detergents). 

  Soaps are available in your choice of a primary base ingredient

of shea butter, olive oil, honey, oatmeal, aloe vera orsweet almond. 

Other basic ingredients are saponified vegetable oil (mainly coconut),

glycerine (kosher of vegetableorigin), purified water, soybean protein,

olive oil, and castor oil.

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