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Alsilvaderm ~ An incredible product that aids in the healing of minor scratches, wounds and burns while hydrating the skin. It's available in a solid salve as well as in a lightweight spritz. The spritz is especially effective in healing and soothing sunburn and customers report that they use the salve on small areas to treat pimples. Ingredients and their therapeutic/medicinal properties are: aloe vera butter ~ restores skin tissue & softens skin, colloidal silver ~ antibiotic, Shea butter ~ moisturizer/emollient, vitamin e ~ antioxidant, beeswax ~ emulsifier, lavender essential oil ~ antiseptic. Hemp-o-Mint ~ Soothes, cools, and helps to heal poison ivy & other contact dermatitis conditions. No Mo' Skeetos ~ organic insect repellant to use directly on your skin with active ingredients of citronella and lavender.


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